• We make plastic parts in any quantities, using own, entrusted and tentative forms in all types of plastics and every color.
    Our market knowledge of raw materials for production of plastic parts - based on long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign producers contribute to the selection of optimum materials needed to manufacture the product.
  • We have an extensive machines park, which includes injection molding machines and modern equipment used for production.
    We have machines with short-circuit forces from 25 to 400 tons and injection weight to 1500gram. Computer-controlled injection molding machines, working in the full automatic cycle, are equipped with numerous peripherals, such as dryers, feeders, central cooling that streamline and accelerate the production process. This allows us to obtain the highest repeatable quality and performance.
  • We have trained and responsible team of employees who can solve every problem in the injection molding field.
    We have introduced a lot of investments in technologies that care about the environment: used in our production materials are fully restorable and used again through internal recycling processes.
  • For several years our company supplies seedlings manufacturers in the palette. Our palettes provide optimum conditions for plant growth. Using them simplify transport and storage. Pallets are made of polypropylene and are suited to all crops. Due to strong construction can be used repeatedly.
  • We are prepared to realize orders of the most demanding customers.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in any further needs.
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